Multi Layer

Multi Layer lets you edit photos with endless possibilities. Edit your photos applying multiple effects, adjustments, filters and tools, in a simple, intuitive and fast way.

Add as many layers as you like: text layers or other images. The edition of each layer is controlled completely independently; the required actions are applied just to the active layer.

Move, zoom and rotate layers, with simple two-finger gestures, Adjust the transparency of each layer independently, adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, hue and levels of red, green and blue (RGB), Apply filters (Hundreds of filters available), Paint, Erase Background (convert parts of the image into transparent), add Frames, Stickers, Overlays, Text, etc...

And of course all the necessary options to manage layers: duplicate, merge, combine (flatten)...

Finally save the resulting picture (as PNG, which supports transparency) and share it with your friends by sending through any other apps.

With Multi Layer you can definitely make any photo edition that you can imagine.

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