No Crop Collage


No Crop Collage lets you create amazing collages with your pictures in seconds. You only have to select the photos you want to include and these are automatically distributed in a collage with none of them cut out. Optionally you add a text title to the composition and set parameters such as the separation between photos, margin and colors. 

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Free Pic Search

Free Pic Search allows you to easily search for FREE images and download to your Android device. Yes, all images you'll find are public domain, licensed under Creative Commons CC0, so you can freely download, modify and distribute, for any use, either personal or commercial, without the need for Attribution to its authors.

Free Pic Searh provides thousands of images (pictures and vectors). This service is provided through application programming interfaces (APIs) offered by several providers. Both the contents and the availability of the services depend exclusively on them.

At this moment the providers are:

➤ Pixabay -

➤ Unsplash -

➤ Pexels -


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Multi Layer

Multi Layer lets you edit photos with endless possibilities. Edit your photos applying multiple effects, adjustments, filters and tools, in a simple, intuitive and fast way.

Add as many layers as you like: text layers or other images. The edition of each layer is controlled completely independently; the required actions are applied just to the active layer.

Move, zoom and rotate layers, with simple two-finger gestures, Adjust the transparency of each layer independently, adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, hue and levels of red, green and blue (RGB), Apply filters (Hundreds of filters available), Paint, Erase Background (convert parts of the image into transparent), add Frames, Stickers, Overlays, Text, etc...

And of course all the necessary options to manage layers: duplicate, merge, combine (flatten)...

Finally save the resulting picture (as PNG, which supports transparency) and share it with your friends by sending through any other apps.

With Multi Layer you can definitely make any photo edition that you can imagine.

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Old Photo

Old Photo is a fun and easy app to make your photos look old.

Customize your photos combining one of several gorgeous color filters with one or more overlayed textures and any of the beautiful borders. 

Unlimited possibilities either to make your photos look scratched, spotted or damaged by time, or to transform your pictures into old-style works of art you'll want to share with friends and family..

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Wizard Photo Editor

Photo Editor for Android with a lot of filters and tools (brightness, contrast, saturation, …). Very easy usage and a very singular feature: This app implements every tool with the possibility of applying adjustments to all the picture or only to a SELECTION. How to select? The easiest way! Finger painting! Just draw over the areas you want to edit, blur if you want to spread the selection and finally apply changes ONLY to the selected area.

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